The NEW ERA in Vehicle Tracking
Inkwazi Tracking
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With so many 'Typical Vehicle Tracking Solutions' available in the market today, it's hard to choose the best one.

Inkwazi provides you a 'Visual Tracking Solution', allowing you not only to track your vehicle, but also providing you the ability to SEE your fleet.

Live. 24/7

With up to 4 installed cameras per unit you can:

  • continuously record to a 2.5” supported hard drive,
  • continue recording up to 4hrs after ignition is switched off
  • increase redundancy by mirror recording to max 32Gb SD card
  • monitor the contents of your cargo-in-transit from the comfort of your desk,
  • evaluate your driver's behaviour behind the wheel with a forward-facing camera,
  • keep a watchful eye on goods during loading procedures,
  • observe driver and passenger activity in the cab,
  • keep record of all activity at the fuel cap,
  • identify the causes that lead to an accident,
  • capture a still image to identify driver at point of ignition or door open
  • stream all 4 cameras simultaneously LIVE using H.264 video compression,
  • store up to 46 days on 350Gb hard drive and view an earlier event at any time,
  • flag an I/O event such as door open in the logs – no more searching through hours and hours of footage to find an incident;
  • use the 6 Input & 1 Output channels to customize your installation,
  • stream using 3G while on the road and download incident driven events once vehicle enters WiFi zone at the warehouse,
  • install cameras covertly, using any type to suit your needs

The software:

  • is installed and connected in 5 minutes,
  • data distribution is cloud-based – no more complicated local database managers,
  • you can access and view data from anywhere in the world,
  • functionality operates as if data is locally available,
  • allows you to manage the visibility of your assets to your users,
  • allows many users can view the same vehicle at the same time,
  • can store and replay any incident locally on your hard drive, ready for use at the meeting
  • produce reports on the entire fleet's movements
  • provides No-Go Zones, Google Earth Maps, Overspeeding,Virtual ODO, and many other features.


How it Works